At McKissick Associates it is our vision that our work in K-12 architectural design will strengthen communities, bolster student learning, and empower a future genera-tion of leaders. We believe that honesty and integrity are core tenets of successful global citizens, and that by pursuing intelligent, innovative, targeted, and cost-effective architectural design, we can achieve professional excellence and make a positive impact on the educational landscape of the 21st Century and beyond.

McKissick Associates has always designed buildings to be sustainable. There are many shades of green- and a building does not need to specifically be LEED™ certified, Green Globes, or CHPS project to reap the benefits of sustainability.  By incorporating elements such as low VOC paints and stains in interiors, LED lighting, triple glazed windows, and geothermal heating and cooling systems, we can make a building that is better for the environment and sustainable for the long term.  Our experience with green and energy-efficient construction runs the gamut, so whether you want to save on your district's electric bill using energy-efficient materials or if you want to seek a ratings in LEED™, Green Globes, or CHPS, McKissick Associates has the experience that will work for you.