It is our mission to be the educational planning, architectural, and project management organization of choice for K-12 institutions of every shape, size, and demographic; and in doing so to achieve extraordinary results for our clients. We know there is no "cookie cutter" solution. We firmly believe that our clients deserve unique solutions for their individual needs. At McKissick Associates Architects, we pride ourselves in our ability to see the big picture and give our clients not only what they want, but what they really need.

In addition, we strive to build a high-performance culture within our organization and facilitate continued success for the clients and employees who are the life-blood and driving force of McKissick Associates.


Integrity in all things. To inspire trust in each other and in our clients, we say what we mean, walk the walk by matching our words and behaviors, and take responsibility for our actions. Even in difficult situations, we pride ourselves on our ability to be fair and ethical with clients, consultants, contractors, and the community.

We are nothing without our relationships. Projects large and small are most successful when built on a foundation of positive, truthful relationships with clients, partners, vendors, and colleagues. Collaboration and community consensus are the keys to building strong long-term relationships, especially in educational design where the structures we build impact our future generations ability to learn and grow.

Cost-conscious without sacrificing quality. In this post-financial crisis era, with limited budgets and belt-tightened districts, we understand the importance of keeping costs low while quality remains at its highest. Through intelligent bidding and the use of cost-neutral sustainable materials, we aim to provide school systems with a building that will last and be better able to sustain itself moving forward.

Our people make the difference. At McKissick Associates, we are passionate about K-12 education and the physical structures that facilitate safe and pro-ductive learning environments.