Boutique Hotel Prototype

Hershey, PA

  • 120-room Hotel
  • 73,000 SF
  • $12.6 million (estimated)
  • New Construction
  • LEED Silver
  • The Winter Group/Mark Singel

Due to its location on a tight site, the proposed structure would have had five stories and utilized ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) construction for walls and structural concrete plank floors and was designed to meet the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED Silver standards.

Sullivan Park, Corning Inc. Parking Garage

Corning, NY

  • 1,050-spot capacity
    New Construction
    Corning Incorporated

A pre-cast concrete parking garage for 1,050 cars and a 170+ capacity surface lot built on an existing parking lot to increase overall parking capacity by 700 cars. Building design aesthetics/stair and elevator designs and concept for site planning and landscaping, as well as engineering coordination were included in project scope (Carl Kanaskie, Jr. AIA, currently an Associate Partner with McKissick Associates, completed this project including construction field administration, 10 month delivery design to completion of construction while at another firm).

Capital View Commerce Center

Harrisburg, PA

  • 185,000 SF Total: 80,000 SF (Office), 15,000 SF (Retail), & 90,000 SF (Light Industrial Plant)
  • $18.6 million (estimated)
  • New Construction
  • Advanced Communications

One of the more challenging aspects of the project was the need for special foundation systems to accommodate printing plant loads, as well as the need to elevate the first floor ten feet above the existing grade as the entire site is located in the Paxton Creek flood plain. The upper floors were to consist of leased office space, while the lower portion was designed to house a light industrial commercial printing plant.  Areas of the parking lot and truck loading docks were designed adjacent to bio-filtration gardens that will filter pollution from the run-off rainwater before it reaches Paxton Creek.

The Shops at Eagles Mere Historic Village

Eagles Mere, PA

  • 21,391 SF
  • $2.4 million
  • Renovation & Addition, Historically Sensitive/Downtown Revitalization
  • Local Vernacular 1867
  • Eagle Mere Borough/Eagles Mere Historic Village

The former 1867 "General Store" and the 1880 "Sweet" shop restaurant and associated outbuildings, form the core of the historic downtown business District. The project involved the purchase, renovation and expansion of the town’s General Store in the Borough of Eagles Mere, for the purpose of creating a sustainable downtown center for retail, art galleries, and community use facilities. The expansion created appropriately sized sales venues in the available retail space.

First National Bank of Marysville Headquarters

Marysville, PA

  • 11,500 SF
  • $1.4 million
  • New Construction / Downtown Revitalization
  • First National Bank of Marysville / Marysville Borough

The arched entry of pre-cast concrete on the new building reflects this similar design element, which was the old bank’s entryway, and references the arched stone underpass that leads from Marysville to the Susquehanna River. The project also included façade improvements to the American Legion and Wine Spirits Shop, which are located in the building next door to the new bank.

SEDA COG Headquarters & Energy Resource Center

Lewisburg, PA

  • 13,000 SF
  • New Construction
  • LEED Gold
  • Susquehanna Economic Development Association Council of Governments/ SEDA Foundation

The project site is on a wooded north-facing hillside and along with various site improvements, was to include some reforestation with native species. It is hoped that the project will encourage other businesses, schools and property owners to do the same. The building will be residential in scale, similar to the scale of buildings found on farms in the Central Susquehanna Valley Region. Views outward onto the wooded site will be maximized in an effort to remind visitors that humankind is part of—not separate from—nature.

Miyako Sushi on Second

Harrisburg, PA

  • Restaurant, Hospitality
  • Interior Renovation
  • Caroline Lai

Sheppard and Son Builders

Hershey, PA

  • Small Office Building
  • New Construction
  • Jon Sheppard

Located on a prominent corner in Hershey, Pennsylvania, this new structure was designed with sustainable materials at the request of the owner. The barn-like exterior was designed to be in harmony with the surrounding area.  The design was intended to reference local architectural elements in the surrounding area and act as a gateway building to the community in Hershey. 

Williamsport District Service Center & Tax Office

Williamsport, PA

  • 38,000 SF
  • $3.8 million
  • Renovation, Historically Sensitive, Art Deco influence (1950)
  • LEED Gold
  • Williamsport Area School District/Williamsport Borough

Renovations involved excess space (38,000 SF) in a wing of an existing 2-story 97,000 SF middle school. Built in 1950, the entire facility has undergone an extensive renovation, and the remainder of the facility will be the new Middle School.  The entire facility is seeking a LEED Gold Rating.