Service: Research

Example: Mt. Union History Wall – Assisted with locating photographs at the Historic Society that would visually document the town’s history to be used as a mural on the bulkhead encircling the entrances to the Community Auditorium in the main lobby of the Jr/Sr High School.

Types of Research:

  • Historic Structures Reports
  • Rehabilitation Plans
  • Master Site Plans
  • Individual Building Histories
  • Stabilization Plans
  • Local Historic Societies/State Archives/Private Sources
  • Archeological

Service: Historic Designations

Example: Hazleton Elementary/Middle School – Abandoned for 10 years, the former Hazleton High School (fondly referred to as the “Castle” by locals) was repurposed as a school for grades 3 through 8. Upon completion of the restoration efforts, the town wished to protect the building from future threats and the application to list the building on the National Register of Historic Places was successfully completed.

Types of Historic Designations:

  • Department of the Interior/National Park Service - National Register of Historic Places submissions
  • Historic Districts - Design Guideline Development, PA Preservation Tax Credits, Federal (IRS) Rehabilitation Tax Credits

Service: HARB Representation

Example: 808 North 2nd Street – Located in a Historic District, the owners of this private residence required assistance preparing to present their proposed project to the Historic Architectural Review Board. Many projects that are being completed in designated Historic Districts require that the board review and approve construction projects that can influence and alter the value of homes located in these areas.

Types of HARB Representation:

  • HARB Board Management, Local HARB Demolition Permitting
  • PennDOT/Federal Department of Transportation
  • PA Historical & Museum Commission/State Preservation Officer Interface
  • Ordinance Compliance Reviews
  • Graphic Presentations

Service: Displays

Example: St. Joseph’s Hospital / Reading Intermediate High School – The adaptive reuse conversion of this historic hospital did not want to go undocumented. A scale architectural model was created, a display case designed and built and reader rails with the buildings history designed and mounted so that the model can be on permanent display in the school and the history of what the building was, is not lost as the years pass by.

Types of Displays:

  • Board Exhibits & Case Exhibits (New/Renewal)
  • 3-D architectural models
  • Narrative Interpretations
  • Audio/Visual Interactives (electronic)
  • Graphic Design (brochures, posters, wall hangings and signage)

Service: Archival Storage

Example: Wayne County Historical Society & Museum – Research room at the Wayne County Historical Society includes temperature and moisture controlled storage for documents and local historical books for use by visitors and historians.

Types of Archival Storage:

  • Collection Assessments
  • Climate Control
  • Storage System Design
  • Security Assessments

Service: Preservation Charrettes

Example: Erie School District / Theodore Roosevelt Middle School – Preservation PA contacted us to assist with a design charrette to determine whether or not the historic 1922 school could be reused and repurposed by the Erie School District. The charrette is a “thinking-on-your-feet” design session where multiple possibilities are considered.

Types of Charrettes:

  • Local Preservation Group Advocacy
  • Preservation Charrette Facilitation
  • Adaptive Reuse Strategies

Service: Material Consultation

Example: Simonton Mansion / office for McKissick Associates Architects – Interior and exterior paint colors, wallpaper and appropriate carpeting, flooring and wood repairs have been completed since the office was purchased in 2003.

Types of Material Consultation:

  • Stabilization Plans
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Sourcing Suppliers
  • Masonry Moisture Remediation
  • Materials Conservation

Service: Contractor Selections

Example: Reading Citadel Intermediate High School / Masonry restoration – Not many contractors today have the skill sets required to repair historic buildings. McKissick Associates can assist by recommending known experts in various fields (carpentry, masonry, painting finishes, etc.) to complete historic renovation, restoration or rehabilitation projects.

Types of Contractor Selections:

  • Pre-Qualifications
  • Contract Preparation
  • Cost Estimating

Service: Interiors

Example: Simonton Mansion / new construction to recreate a 1920s butler’s pantry – Sensitivity should be given to the interiors of historic buildings. Whether in color palettes, furnishings, lighting fixtures or newly created spaces, the integrity of the materials and styles should be respected. If you don’t know 2nd Empire Victorian, from Queen Anne, from Romanesque, we can help you find an interior that complements your historic building, without the cost of using only antiques or accurate reproductions.

Types of Interiors:

  • Building Interior & Environmental Design
  • Period Furnishings Selection
  • Period Color Palette (Interior/Exterior)