Caldwell County Granite Falls Middle School

Caldwell County Granite Falls Middle School
Caldwell County Schools

90 North Main Street
Granite Falls, North Carolina 28630


Site Coverage:100481 SF



Building Area

New Construction:53,882 SF
Renovated:46,599 SF
Total:100,481 SF

Granite Falls Middle School is historic, integrated into the local neighborhood, and beloved by the community but inadequate to meet the needs of a 21st century middle school education. A strategy and design were developed that replace parts of the school, renovate, update and adapt other areas, and maintain particular historic areas such the free-standing auditorium and gymnasium buildings with modern upgrades. The phased plan enables continued use of the site as well as reduces the cost of construction bringing the project scope within the county's budget.
The skeleton of the original 1930s school will remain; however, the interior will be entirely reconfigured as the “Technotorium”: a project-based learning center with studies to include robotics, programming, electronics, hydroponics, among other standard STEM offerings.
A focal point of the design is the 230-year old historic white oak that has seen generations of students rest under its branches. Not only will the tree be maintained, additional precautions are being undertaken to ensure that the tree will both survive and thrive throughout the construction, far into the future.

Caldwell County Granite Falls Middle School