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Manoa Elementary School

Manoa Elementary School
School District of Haverford Township



Building Area

New Construction:85,355 SF

This school (designed for students K-5) is located in an affluent suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With limited open space in this Philadelphia streetcar suburb the only available site was 3.1 acres of a 10-acre community sports complex. The building and site circulation pattern is intentionally compact to maximize the amount of athletic field space that will remain available to the community for sports including lacrosse, soccer, field hockey and football. This neces­sitated a three-story building plan, the use of subsurface storm water detention, as well as, the hard surface playground for event overflow parking. A sub divisible gymnasium room, cafeteria, two music rooms, art room, and fourteen flexible learning spaces provide support for the District's enrichment and special needs programs. Spa­tial efficiency is maximized through dual-use of cafeteria as both stage and sub divisible large group instructional area. A reinforced masonry bearing and precast concrete plank structural system was utilized for the classroom wing to substantially reduce construction time and per­mit the overall height of the building to be limited to 30-feet to meet local zoning requirements. To further reduce the buildings apparent mass within the residential neighborhood, the exterior skin utilizes a mixture of reflective zinc colored metal panels, allowing the three-story build­ing and gymnasium wing to assume the color of the surrounding environment. Internally, the building features an integrated data fiber optic backbone with wireless network­ing and a complete modern voice over IP com­munication system. In additional to portable wireless labs, each classroom has four computers, a mounted LCD projector, as well as a smart board. Green components of the building are cost-effective and protective of the environ­ment. Sustainable features include insulated glass windows and doors, lighting occupancy sensors, high efficiency indirect/direct lighting and day lighting. The acid-etched and sealed concrete floor (in circulation areas) require minimal maintenance while avoiding the use of manmade products.

Manoa Elementary School