Penn State Altoona Edith Eve Chapel

Penn State Altoona: Edith Eve Chapel Renovations
Pennsylvania State University

300 Ivyside Park
Altoona, Pennsylvania 16601


Building Area

Renovated:2,992 SF

The Edith Davis Eve Chapel is an interfaith worship space overlooking a large reflecting pond at the heart of Penn State’s Altoona Campus. The facility features a 65-foot tower, adorned with stained glass and fifty-bell carillon. Our firm’s reno-vations focused on broadening the interfaith nature of the facility which has become popular as a wedding venue.

Worship functions are facilitated through subtle design, color & material selections. New wood flooring replaced the aged red carpet on the elevated stage and altar. Altar furnishings are mobile, made of natural materials and unadorned for suitability in all types of worship. The podium is suitably sized for the Torah and the altar large enough for communion preparation. The choir loft flooring now features natural slate tile with its longwise orientation toward Mecca. Updated restrooms accommodate simple ablution needs. Supporting rooms have been appropriately appointed for bridal party comfort and preparation.

To increase functionality of the space for student gatherings, the stage’s backdrop - curved and angled to improve acoustical projection for presenters – is surfaced with a specialized coating for video projection. New audio/visual equipment is seamlessly integrated with new lighting and the worn wooden pews replaced with new curved pews in a lighter wood stain to create a brighter atmosphere and contribute to the photographic setting for special events.

Penn State Altoona Edith Eve Chapel